About Me

Hey everyone, 

If you don’t know yet my name is Menachem Goodman. I’m a food stylist, photographer and recipe developer. One of the most common questions I always get asked is; “why did you choose the name totally talented teen” and here is my answer. I am a teen, living in New Jersey who enjoys cooking.  I decided to put teen is my blog name to inspire other young people out there that age should not stop you from going for your dream. I had many let downs in my journey of becoming a recipe developer. But every time I walk into the kitchen to create a new recipe, or while I’m shooting pictures I know I made the right decision. 

Now let’s talk about the recipes that I create. Each recipe goes from my heart to your table. I test each recipe several times and make sure they are kid and adult friendly! I may have a more modern approach on cooking, but I believe that extending your flavor profile and trying new takes may sound risky but your pallet will say thanks!!

I’m excited to keep bringing you recipes for all occasions! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for recipe updates and my Tuesday tips. If I can be a help, feel free to contact me by leaving a message is the question box.

Wishing you all the best, and happy cooking!